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    I would like to download a userfriendly video editing program that will allow me to do the following;

    1- Edit and burn MPEG-4 video files, recorded from an Olympus digital camera, stored on my computer hard drive onto a DVD

    2- Add titles and transitions

    I have downloaded several programs from CNET , however, they do not play my MPEG-4 video files.

    Although I am a retired videographer , using SVHS edting with a Toaster (ancient technology), I don't have too much experience with non-linear editing so I would prefer a simple program.

    Any suggestions?


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    MPEG - 4 files onto dvd? Surely you mean MPEG - 2 files onto dvd? MPEG 4 is for the likes of Youtube and such and is really low quality. Try Windows Movie Maker but you will need an analogue to digital capture device as your camcorder is ancient now at this stage. Have you never thought about upgrading to a mini dv, you can get a basic model for around 200 - 300 now, that will allow you to record, playback and connect to your computer using a Firewire connection and the quality is a million times better than any analogue camcorder.

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