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Thread: What is the ultimate hardware specs we need to have for professional film editing?

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    Default What is the ultimate hardware specs we need to have for professional film editing?

    I need to edit a film, really professionally, and I wanted to see what exactly do I need for this (my camera is HDV btw). I already own a dell XPS laptop with 2 gb ram, 250 hard drive and intel core due 2 2.2 GHz, but don't know if thats good enough for editing HD films, or do I need to upgrade it. I use adobe premier, and since this is the first time I'm capturing film from a HDV camera, I'm also not sure if capturing follows the same procedures as normal films.

    One last question, would a firewire be good enough for capturing HDV? Wouldn't it dercrease the quality? I have a hdmi slot on my laptop (I dont know if its got anything to do with this).


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    If you used Vegas pro 8 that's more then enough.

    You will find that editing is normally fine on a low spec machine, its the render that takes the power.

    Capture follows the same procedure but there will be an option for HDV captures as opposed to SD.

    Fire wire is fine and is the normal route to take, bear in mind there is no more data in HDV it is just compressed more to fit in the same space. The capture program will normally have FW as the capure option.

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    " I need to edit a film, really professionally... " - no pc or app in the world will make you a professional editor, that takes talent skill and dedication....

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