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Thread: DV CAM / MINI DV Mishap - Help!!

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    Default DV CAM / MINI DV Mishap - Help!!


    I hope someone can give me some advice about what to do in this situation - I was filming using a camcorder that takes both DV Cam & mini DV, (I believe the camera was a sony pd100 if that helps). I checked all the settings before I started filming & it looked fine & I watched it back in the camera and it looked fine there as well, but when I got the tapes home & put them in a different camera the image was really jerky & slow and audio was v. distorted.
    I think what's happened is that I've recorded onto mini dv while the camera has been in DV Cam setting. Is there a way I can put this right & still import it into final cut? I don't want to loose the footage.

    Thanks in advance

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    some cameras will playback DVCAM tapes, but your seems not to be one, the speed is about 1/3 different.

    Sony Cameras are normally good at playing DVCAM back

    Perhaps a friend or a rented camera /player one might be the solution.

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