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Thread: DVin - no wire connected

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    Default DVin - no wire connected

    I was transferring some video from my PC to my Sony DCR-TRV265E and after I unplugged the firewire, the DVin symbol was still showing on the LCD ??!!!

    Now the camera is not recognised by the PC anymore, because the camera thinks it's still connected! So now I can't conect to my PC via firewire at all! And I have some video deadlines to meet for my team website, and I don't want to disappoint!

    Any help/ideas on how to sort this out is greatly appreciated!


    Name's Ray.

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    I pressume you tried cutting power to the device and/or swithcing to record and back again?

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    Thanks for the reply

    Problem is, I can't remember exactly what I did, but you are right to assume it has something to do with cutting power.

    I do have quite a jumble of wires, and I'm certain I turned something off or pulled something out that caused it. :idea:

    I tried reseting the camera, still same thing. Changed tapes, same thing. Messed about with some menu options, still no luck. Also tried re-installing the software and hardware for my PC, but again without luck.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks again

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    I wouldn't like to suggest anything else rather than take the came for repair at a certified outlet.

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    Just great...

    Any idea how much this is likely to cost?
    And any tips to prevent this from happening...

    I'm still under Manufacturers' warranty.

    This is the 2nd Sony camcorder I've had FireWire related problems with. The first one was a Sony TRV245 purchased from It had a damaged DV input (IO card?) after just 5-6 months. Thankfully, Amazon took it back without questions and issued a full refund.

    Anybody else encountered this with Sony camcorders? Or am I just the unfortunate soul :(


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    It's always best to:

    a) ensure you buy a decent firewire cable (I used the manufacturers cable with my very first shiny DV cam and it shorted the DV connection).

    b) disconnect in the order: software, soft hardware powerdown, hard power down

    b is overkill, but a is vital!

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    you sure there's no dust or anything in the firewire port on the camera? maybe a bit of the firewire cable's pins broke off and is bridging a connection?

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    ^ It's possible

    It is damn difficult to see anything, the ports are so small - but I understand what you mean

    From what I can see, there does not appear to be anything wrong with it - physically - so it must be a technical issue

    Thanks for the replies


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    get a can of compressed air in about it. can't hurt!

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