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Thread: SDRH40EBS or SONY DCR-SR 35 or JVC GZ-MG330

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    Default SDRH40EBS or SONY DCR-SR 35 or JVC GZ-MG330


    I am looking to buy a camcorder and i found three similar models in about the same price range ..

    SONY DCR-SR 35
    JVC GZ-MG330

    Panasonic SDRH40EBS

    Which one is the best in your opinion ..

    The Sony seems to have better optical zoom (40x) from the JVC (35x) and the panasonic a little bit better than Sony (42x)..

    I am not sure about the Lences i know that the jvc has Konika and the sony carl Zeiss..

    Panasonic has the bigger hard drive from them all .. but which one is the best overall and why ?

    (Confused )

    Many Thanks


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    First thing, they are all hard drive cameras. These are not the best cameras to use if you plan on doing editing. They produce video that is more compressed and is more difficult to edit ( more cpu power) than tape cameras.

    And as for zooms, the numbers / differences are irrlelevant. My low end pro camera has a 16 times zoom. And even tho it is a huge shoulder mount can that level of zoom is almost unusable without a good tripod.

    My advice is get a tape camera and forget about numbers and what sales people and magazines tell you ( they are mostly lies). Buy the one you like the feel of in use.

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    I've decided to go for the sony after reading lots of reviews

    However i found a newer model (DCR-SR55E ) and more expensive but suprisingly the optical zoom is worse (25x) .. i know what you said about the zoom...

    Can you please have a look in the feauture comparison and advice which one i should pick....?

    Feauture comp: ... =DCR-SR55E


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    If I knew what a HDD cam was about i would of never got one.
    This is what my old Samsung VP-D362 miniDV can do

    Video of cadwell - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    I just hope i can get it fixed

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