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Thread: Censor program?

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    Question Censor program?

    Ok, have a bit of a question. I'll be frank, I put together a shits and giggles 20 second clip for a friend of mine, and wanted to put it up on youtube, only problem? The clip came from a porn video, HOWEVER, there is no porn in the clip! What is the problem you might be asking then? Well, quite simply, the huge watermark left on it leading you right to the porn site, something youtube might have a problem with. I'd like to get the video on youtube, but I wouldn't want to sully poor little johnny's eyes when he innocently types in the address and youtube slams a ban hammer on me. So Question, Censor program anyone?

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    You will need a video editor and some patience and skill.

    You can either crop the edges out ( easy ) or use a masking track ( but harder ).

    Next time you post maybe you can actually take the time to look where you are posting too... ta.

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