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Thread: A great gaming video

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    Default A great gaming video

    Here's a video I made for a PC game I used to play very often

    It was my very first attempt and was the first video ever released for the PC game. Was quite a success and started a huge video-production spree from other gamers.

    Most of you probably don't know anything about the game - so it won't be easy for you to rate it!

    I have some others I will post later, let me know what you think!

    I know the guidlines said try to keep it below 10MB, but here it is, I titled it "Beta" Intro

    Beta Intro << click there
    17 MB
    3:30 average
    .Zip file - requires WinZip
    Video is .WMV - will play with Windows media player

    Rate it out of 10 please, cheers

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    Hi, a great video to a game that I've never head of that looks really really fantastic

    I like the way that you set the scene at the start of the video, nice and slow to match the music, then when the music gets going, the action starts!

    And now, the suggestions:

    1. Deinterlace it!! You see those weird horizontal lines that happen when an object is moving quickly? That's becase your video is interlaced. What I usually do is download the great free program virtualdub - - and apply the deinterlace filter first, before importing it. Voila, no more shaky lines. (For what its worth, virtualdub is a program no video editor should be without)

    2. At some points in the video, the scene changes correspond with the music. It looks good when that happens, rather than the scenes just changing at any given time. It just gives the video a better feel if you have most of (or at least a substantial part of) the scene changes on the start of each bar (musical term, you know how you have BPM, beats per minute? Usually, a bar has 4 beats. meaning that a 140BPM song has 35 bars per minute. Confused yet? I know I am)

    3. Depending on the reason you're doing this video, it might or might not be a bit too long. If you're doing a "best of" thing where other players can watch the best bits from a match, fair enough, but from someone that's not really familiar with the game, it just seemed to go on a bit.

    Considering it was your first attempt though, it was fantastic. A mistake a lot of people make is adding loads of whizzy stupid effects, and you've not done that, which makes it good, and lets you concentrate on what's happening.

    Can't rate it out of 10 though. I don't usually give things ratings

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    Thanks for the Reply, Mike.

    I had heard about the interlacing thing when I first did research to make the video - but I was confused about it - you made it a whole lot clearer. I shall definitely de-interlace any future videos I make!

    Same for the audio tips you gave!

    Thanks for the comments, too. I know it was dragged on a bit, as you mentioned - I did prefer to be short and punchy. I dragged it on to use up the entire song - wasted quite a nice chunk with the ending credits. That was a downside to it.

    The thing that made the video successful with the other players, was those 3D "Matrix" effects. The game comes with a 360 degree camera mode, but to actually pause the bus and do it was the cool thing - looked just like in the movie.

    Video game is actually Midtown Madness 2. Had about 6 years of fun with it. Both online with the many friends I've made - some are even like brothers to me, and offline making videos, trying out the downloadable additions to the game.

    As always, it has its darksides, cheats and accusations fly towards you everyday when your on the "best" team. We just call it "drama" and laugh it out, because after all, it's a game for fun!

    Thanks for taking time to download and watch!


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    I've been having trouble finding a decent program to edit my game-vids...

    More about it here:

    Maybe someone here can help me out?

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