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Thread: Progressive Footage ?

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    Default Progressive Footage ?

    Hi all. I'm seriously contemplating buying the Canon XL2 and see myself shooting our material in progressive scan. I've looked at output in Premiere 6.5 and see the options as 1. Lower Field First 2. Top Field First 3. No Field. - What i'd like to know is if the third option is for Progressive material ? - Thanks in advance for any help. Best, Shiner

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    No field would be progressive...
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    ...if you're spending 3.5k GBP on a cam, spend the money upgrading to Premiere Pro too!!!
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    Hi Marc - It's not 1 but 2 XL2's i need - scraping the barrel to get the cash for those let alone the PPro upgrade !!!

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    Surely if you have 7000 UKP to spend you can find the other 400 to ensure a copy ofhte Adobe suite as well. Look for deals on capture cards from the likes of DVC (where I got my rig). Or even a matrox RTX10. You will then get a bundle of realtime features as well as Premiere 1.5, Audition 1.5 and Encore 1.5. Definitely worth trying to find the money for.

    If you're spending that much on the cameras then you should have some decent s/w to edit it all on.

    What s/w you using now?

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    To be honest the upgraded features from Premiere 6.5 to Premiere Pro wouldn't do me a lot of favours at the moment. For what we produce and supply effects are a bit of a no no but if really needed the upgrade would surely buy it. Only a little colour correcting here and there are called for. Also editing on 2.66ghz 512mb vaio notebook so those capture cards would not benefit.

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    Default Get Premiere Pro

    Man you have to get Premiere Pro. Version 1.5 is so hot. There is a lot of reasons Adobe changed the name from just Premiere to Premiere Pro. I used to use Premiere 6 then upgraded to Premiere Pro 1.5. One of the features I reall love in 1.5 is the Project Manager. If you have only 120GB like me, it is useful as it trims your video of all the footage you haven't used and deletes previews and temp files. I have only had the programme for about 4 mounths. One project was 7.8 GB and I got it down to 400MB! Very good for achiving.
    Creating titles has never been easier. I look back at Premiere 6 and realize how sloppy titles were.
    Also if you've used After Effects, Premiere Pro is very simular. Premiere Pro now dose everything you would do before with Premiere and AE.
    Premiere Pro now kicks other video editing solutions (with the exception of programmes costing 10x the price). Value for money=11/10
    JVC MiniDV Camcorder, AMD Athlon XP 2000+, 512MB DDR, 120GB WD, Windows XP Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5

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    dwhite : after your post i think i'm going to have to upgrade !!! - just looked and it's $199 (111) for the upgrade. Thank you

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