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Thread: Premiere Pro project folders are massive, how can I stop it copying the videos?

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    Question Premiere Pro project folders are massive, how can I stop it copying the videos?

    How can I stop Premiere Pro CS3 copying the video files I am working on to the project's folder? I don't need two copies.

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    not sure what you mean. PPro does NOT copy your video files anywhere unless you ask it to by using the proiject manager functions. You have to do this specificfally yoursefl so presumably this is not the issue.

    What PPro does do is writes it's render files underneath the project directory. you can trash them if you like but they'll only come straight back. When you add multi layers and hit the preview button these files are created as the composit (sort of) so they can be played back when requested. This is just the way things are.

    Disk space is cheap so if you're worried about that then just by another disk.

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