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    Default Cabling help needed

    Newbie here - and total novice, so please be patient

    I've just bought Pinnacle Studio Movie Box plus (USB) in an attempt to convert my old VHS tapes to DVD.

    I've installed everything but am not getting the VHS connected correctly.

    I have tested the pinnacle box with my camcorder using the DV cable to connect the camcoreder to the box. This works fine and I can transfer video.

    But my VHS player only has a scart / Audio out LR / RF In and Out.

    The pinnacle box needs input from composite cables or s-video.

    I have used a scart to composite adapter then a composite cable, but I get the error that there is no valid input detected, check cables. I've tried 2 different adapters and checked the cables.

    Should I be able to get output through the scart?

    If I buy a scart - S-video cable should it work?

    And finally - I have since noticed that I have an S-video socket on my PC graphics card, so do I need the pinnacle box at at??

    Sorry if these are dumb questions!


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    Yes, the Scart to S-Video (composite) should work. Remember you'll need to input audio too.

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    Got a scart to s-video with attached twin phono lead.
    Can now capture video - but only in black & white and with no sound.

    Bought 2 options of cables and both does the same.

    Have also tried using separate audio cables.

    Any more ideas would be appreciated folks


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    Thanks. Was being v v stupid. ~Now got sound, but still black and white ....
    any other ideas?!


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    You seem to be getting your connection leads mixed up, have you got a composite video to S-video adaptor, that might be why you are getting the black and white picture. Check your video lead connections and make sure composite video goes to composite video and S-video goes to S-video. Also check in the software that you have selected the correct video input source and if you are in America make sure you are using the NTSC setting or if you are in the UK make sure you are using the PAL setting.

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    I had a scart adapter (only output on the VCR) which went to s-video plus audio. The s-video and audio went straight into the moviebox. I had also tried a scart adapter which converted scart to composite, and the movie box also took the Y/R/W composite leads directly. They were all into the correct places. In the software it was set to PAL (I'm in the UK).
    However today I took the box back and changed it for a Pinnacle Video Transfer box, which came with the scart leads included (so no possible problems there) and worked first time.
    I'm happy now!!

    Thanks for replying anyway

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    It could well have been a faulty Studio Movie Box plus, it wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened. I bought a new mobo for a computer a few years ago in a shop and it had a hairline crack in it. Same thing with a graphics card more recently, brand new straight off the shelf.

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