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Thread: Composite Converting to HDMI/DVI

  1. Question Composite Converting to HDMI/DVI

    If the original item (DVD player, etc.) has ONLY a composite out ... is it worth getting one of those $179 scaler/converters to hook up to DVI or HDMI or component?

    Will there be a difference? Better than the RF input? Being that the source is composite?


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    All I know is that people say composite is shit.... so I guess not.

    The source in any reproduction chain is THE MOST imposrtant part - a cheap dvd player on a good tv will just show how bad the player really is.

    Your best bet is to get a decent source b4 worrying about any other gizmos. And remember upscaling ADDS NOTHING to the picture. At best upscaling can mask jaggy edges, at worst it can make the picture worse. Get a better source and I suspect you wont be concerned with or need any gizmos.

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