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    Hey guys,

    A week ago I discovered this site on the net. Looks like they just came out on the net. It's called Digital Media Creation Gateway. Heres the site


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    Always suspicious of a virgin poster supplying a link to a new commercial site. If you're the owner, a press release would have been preferable my friend.

    Otherwise it's spam-de-spam-spam-spam.
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    "A week ago I discovered this site on the net. "

    My ar*e. You mean this is your site.

    It's spam. Pure and simple. I see stuff like that all the time. Thing is, I probably wouldn't mind if they said "This is my site, hope you like it".

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    AND they mis-use apostrophes.

    UNFORGIVABLE in a commercial environment.

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    Hmmm.... Operating as "Titanium Graphics" according to their DNS entry.


    TG - just a coincidence obviously.

    AAAAnnnd on the website, there's... SHOCK HORROR... someone called Laszlo Alt.

    Well, wouldn't you believe it.

    So apparently they only discovered their own site a week ago. I suppose they need our pity....

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    Would I have posted his press release if he'd asked me? Yes. Have I now deleted the URL? Yes. Is there a lesson here? Probably.
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