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Thread: Halloween Spoof on American Idol

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    Default Halloween Spoof on American Idol


    I'm new to this forum. Thank you for letting me join.

    Here is a link to my latest video. It's a Halloween spoof on American Idol called "Haunted Icon"

    This video was shot with a Canon XL H1. Green screening was done with Ultra-2 software. It was edited in Premiere pro using Cineform AVI files.

    Haunted Icon - Haunted Overload Meets American Idol@@AMEPARAM@@player.setPostsId(1355000);player. setUsersId(2883;player.setUsersLogin("timmyb")@@AMEPARAM@@1355000 @@AMEPARAM@@timmyb

    Thank you again!

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    If you have time please leave feedback for your favorite character.


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    Grief that BlipTV streaming is slow for me!

    Enjoyed that, there's a lot of commendable effort gone into it and I had a few grins. Most of the humour was somewhat basic, but some came through well enough for me.

    Favourite caharacter would be split between the Witch and the skull judges. The skull judge would have pipped it for me, but the Witch had more lines, so they came up pretty even. I think the mad guy had a hard job, which came across as a bit flat, he should have tried to take a drink from the pint galss on the desk, or starting chewing pencils or some other random act whilst one of the other two were talking.

    Good stuff though, it took 28 minutes to get through thanks to the streaming, but I was compelled to watch it to the end.

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    Thank you for taking the time to watch and comment on my video. I really appreciate your time and honesty.

    The intent of this video is to attract people to the "Haunted Overload" web site and annual haunted attraction. The hope is that American Idol fans stumble onto the video via search engines etc...

    I agree about the humor being basic. Our goal was to entertain a broad range of viewers. The beginning of the show starts off a bit slow. It gets better as it goes along (in my opinion). By the way, we actually did have the crazy judge "Mr. Huggy" drinking out of one of the cups. It was funny too. We decided not to use it.

    This was my very first green screen project. There were over 200 takes. We used approximately 70. There were some tough keys. The clown was the hardest. You can see the poor key... especially around his hair.

    Again... thank you for taking the time to view and comment.


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