Hi everyone

I have an urgent problem that I would need immediate advice in. If similar topic has been posted before, I apologize in advanced for not searching as I am extremly pressed in time.

I have an old JVC camcorder - it is around 6 years old but never game me problems until now. When I was taping a video for a project, it gave the message that "Head lens clean up required." I never the less taped anyway and playback worked fine. When I tried to transfer the video to computer using WMM, the transfer/video was extremly choppy and kept getting interrupting and I got head lens clean up required message several times. There was also a small squickly like sound when I tried to play back.

After a while, the playback stopped working and it would not play anything. I tried different tapes and had no luck. I used a tape lens cleaner and still had no luck. Now I can't even attemp to playback back bc it says "unit in safeguard mode".

Anyways - my friend has a Canon camcorder. I am thinking of just putting the mini-DV tapes inside of that and transfering the the footage I have using that camera as I need to edit the video soon for a project. However, I am wondering if the above problem I described is due to the camera or my tapes. I don't want to mess up my friend's camera if my problems are from my tapes...so I appreciate any advice ASAP.

Thank you in advanced