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    Marc Peters commented about youtube in the users video area, he brought up some interesting points, I would like to reply to some of his comments here, and invite the views of others.

    This is Marcs post in black.

    People tend to get obsessed over YouTube. For me, the icing on the preverbial YouTube cake are the people guaranteeing 100,000+ YouTube hits for a fee. For me, YouTube is and never has been about great videos. That's not to say that there aren't some fab little videos, but they're so diluted by the sheer amount of dross that having a 'hit' doesn't really mean that much.

    Marc I have never heard of the paid 100.000 views, I only know of one tuber who was lucky enough to be a featured video front pager, and he had no choice youtube chose the video, There are lots of very good videos on youtube, the difference is those who have networked and those who have thought it will fly all by its self, well I can tell you videos do not fly by themselves, it takes some vital networking to make them fly.

    Now the counter argument to this is that if you become a fabled 'Partner', you'll start to earn. But that's where the link between great videos and popular videos starts to get broken. Rather than creating a video that entertains, user tend to create and upload videos that will attract people. There's a difference between an entertaining video and one that attracts hits, and I think that's due to the way in which videos are rewarded.

    The reason why you and I make a video are the same, we do it to either entertain or inform ourselves, family or a small audience, most video makers enjoy a audience, I could not imagine making a video and then putting it away to show no one, along comes youtube, the world is your audience, forums like these come alive with internet based video, I at first saw it as a total waste of time, but then one by one people were sending e-mails with youtube linked videos.

    Did you ever ignore a video sent to you a few years ago ?

    At work much time was spent talking about youtube, who were making these videos, next we hear some of these people were becoming very popular, someone had the first million views on a video, the networking kicked in, not the video.

    Next we see production companies making viral TV commercials, the mainstream media knew exactly what to do, they had been doing it for years, imagine if you could flog your video withouit ever having to pay for position, just have it passed around like a hot potato, wow.

    The blur between entertainment and popularity is exposed, you could argue for days the difference, but behind all this is the network, the major youtubers had cemented their hubs into the youtube fabric, and for them finding content now would be becoming more and more difficult, the clever ones will combine with other major youtubers, this has already happened.

    I calculate those huge partners earn thousands of dollars a week, You would have to be pulling say 30.000 views a day on a 10 min video, every day, every week, its a huge ask, but some do it easily.
    It has me wondering how do you get to that next level, is it video makers heaven or hell.
    Its money for jam if your got a bunch of videos sitting on the shelf and you have a subscribed audience, but again its networking.

    There's no doubt some real hidden gems on YouTube that simply don't get a look in. I don't understand the desire to have a YouTube hit, but then I guess that's more to do with my way of thinking! I'd much rather have an award winning or critically acclaimed video than a popular one, but then that's probably why I'm not a millionaire!

    I was exactly like you 18 months ago, but there is very much of me in my videos, once I am set a task to find out how it works, I don't stop until i'm happy the job is done, a friend at work had videos up for 6 months before me, he could not get a view, why, ?? is it his videos, no they are all great, I was set a task to find out what is the key to gaining a foot in on youtube. For two months I was in the same boat, until I found forum power, some forums are major hubs of networking activity, I did not find any worthwile power within youtube, just too much dross, difficult to get noticed, my belief is its becoming more and more difficult to make a mark on youtube, do all the networking outside to start with.

    I hasten to add that I don't think seeking hits is necessarily a bad thing. Who am I to say what good or bad?

    Your comments are all thought provoking, and I have yet to see a sure fired way of making youtube work without doing lots of work at the start, and I don't see views as what makes a video, its the amount of people who favorite the video which counts, I often remind people we all started with one video, no subscribers, and no views.

    I may do a little experement with a video, I will start a new youtube account, put on it a little video of a paper clip 30 seconds long attached to the word sexy, call the video 'sexy 30 second clip' tell no one and let the tubers do their work.
    Will the video find a audience all by its own sexy clip power ?

    How much longer before the youtube bubble bursts, or are we seeing the moment just after the big bang ?

    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    This and a few other popular UK editing sites existed long before youtube. (Interestingly, the whois record for youtube was created in 2005.) Only a few years ago, people had tremendous difficulty just getting their videos on the internet, and it's this accessibility that's changed the way people are using video.

    Not so long ago it was an effort just to edit a 'home' video, let alone publish it on the internet. Now the world and his wife's jumped on the bandwagon. I strongly believe that sites OUTSIDE of youtube (but hosting youtube content) are the only way to see decent content. We act as an editorial, delivering videos made by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. The lack of quality control within YouTube has been it's ultimate demise.

    Now the barrier to entry's been removed, there's simply no control. But it's not a true picture. The barrier's been artificially removed as YouTube makes a huge loss. So what we're seeing is a distortion. Some of these videos simply shouldn't see the light of day.

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