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Thread: Confused about my video capture card needs

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    Default Confused about my video capture card needs

    Hi... noob here with a few questions.

    I want to capture directly from console systems to my computer. There are a lot of video capture cards out there, but I really have no idea what I need for my purposes. Please advise me on which I should purchase. My primary goal is to be able to capture from Playstation2 at 60 frames per second / 800x600 resolution (I think a few ps2 games use that resolution, but most are 640x480), without any loss to video quality. The most important thing to me is, I want to make sure the original quality is preserved (for use in a DVD production, I don't plan on lowering the video quality). I want it to look to look the same as if they were playing the game themself. It's essential that the video be captured at the full 60FPS, without any dropped frames, because I'd like to use the video capture for some game testing purposes as well. Additionally, although there are no games on next-gen systems I want to record from, in the future I'm sure there will be. So HD compatability is a must. If possible I'd like to preserve the original video quality / keep a perfect framerate here as well, but depending on the exact requirements I might compromise on this. The specs for the computer I'll be recording with (Not sure if it matters) will be something like this OS: Windows XP Pro (SP2) 3.0 GHZ dual core processor 3GB ram unknown video card (Current one is an older geforce, planning to upgrade it anyways so advise me if this matters at all (I think it's irrelevent but who knows)) 7200 RPM hard drives (different types) Aside from a quality capture card, I've heard that the write speed of your hard drive is very important. If there's any particular one I should pick up and use as the dedicated capture HDD, please let me know. Also, if I need anything seperate for the audio recording please list it as well. I'm not in any kind of rush to get this set up, so budget isn't an issue. If it costs too much I'll just wait until I have enough to buy it. My main concern is maintaining the quality of the video recording. Thanks in advance
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    Before anyone is going to reply to this, I suggest you break it up into paragraphs and a "questions list" so we can understand exactly what you want. //

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    For some reason the forum ignores my paragraph breaks / any kind of formatting in my message.

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