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Thread: My youtube video quality IS REDUCED when uploaded - HELP!!

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    Default My youtube video quality IS REDUCED when uploaded - HELP!!

    I am getting problems- I have uploaded a 30 second video to youtube and its quality has reduced greatly! - distorted + Text is dittered. (I have not included any sound on the video- so that's not an issue)

    Made with powerpoint, then the powerpoint btmaps and Png picture files were transfered to Sony vegus studio platinum 8.0

    The clip was 30 seconds long
    -type: WMA /Video file (I also tried the same video in a avi file type)
    -Video size - 640 x 480

    It is now taken off youtube,

    The clip works well in Real player, but when uploaded to your tube its quality reduces, and the text shrinks/shrivels up so it is Undreadable..

    The problem = Quality is lost the colours all blurred, text is dittered

    and I have also tried converting it to a flash format file using a converter (I used Ultra video to flash converter) , and then uploaded the Flash version, but the same problem happened- loss in quality + Shrivelled text.

    HELP - How can i upload the video to utube, so that its quality ISNT lost?
    have you had this problem? what did you do to solve it?

    SEE THE ATTACHED PHOTO to get a clearer picture of what I mean. (I made that powerpoint screenshot just for this post)
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    Please see this thread for a discussion on youtube optimisation.

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    That link doesn't work. It says that the video is set to private.

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