I have made a simple 30 second clip on Sony vegus studio platinum 8.0, inserting about 9-10 powerpoint slides (which are in btmap format).

When i render the video (have done it in AVI, MPG, WMV), the quality of the simple video seems to be lost...

the text seems to be dittered, and the video.

Template size = 640 x 480.

Here are the Description pasted

Audio: 224 Kbps, 48,000 Hz, Layer 2
Video: 29.97 fps, 720x480
Use this setting to create an MPEG-2 file with an NTSC DVD-compliant video stream, and an MPEG layer 2 audio stream.

and howcome my template size is 640 x 480 but the Description says 720x480? How can i change the Description size?

and how can i make sure my video ISNT losing quality when i export it?