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Thread: Scanner Darkly uses Rotoshop

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    Default Scanner Darkly uses Rotoshop

    “A Scanner Darkly” movie, way back to 2006. Have you seen this animated film? Very cool! Actually they made this movie in live action and with the help of rotoshop software they made the movie like animated film. Rotoshop uses an animation technique called interpolated rotoscoping. This software could make easy to do rotoscoping.

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    I assume that this was an attempt to pimp the link in your signature. Please read the rules and place a link in Pimp the Link.

    I have moved this thread to Pimp the Link and I suggest you edit your original post of reply to this explaining about your company. To show you just how easy this would be, here's would you could have written:

    LazyMovie is your visual effect workforce partner. Our team of talented visual effects designers is backed by state-of-the art technology ready to undertake the rotoscoping and chroma keying segments of your visual effects humdrum.
    LazyMovie: Rotoscoping and Chroma Keying Outsource Partner

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    I actually couldnt watch that film - the effect irritated me. PK dick would have hated it too.

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