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Thread: International Zombie Day

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    Default International Zombie Day

    My little clip for yesterdays event. Unfortunatly YouTube failed each time I tried to upload last night.

    Mainly this was a makeup test for some stills but we decided to shoot a shot vid for fun. It was shot in move mode on a stll camera (yuck).

    YouTube - Zombie Walking - Brains need more blood

    Thanks to my kids for having the patience to sit through the makeup time and then act for me

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    seems to be a flood of zombies here all of a sudden.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollingstock View Post
    seems to be a flood of zombies here all of a sudden.
    Combination of Halloween coming up and a new series about to start on E4 (UK TV channel)
    Dead Set -
    a sort of Big Brother meets Shaun/Dawn of the Dead. Written by Charlie Brooker which is the bit that got my interest. I think he's Guardian (leftie newspaper noted for typos) correspondent and he had an excellent funny/incisive look at TV TV prog - Charlie Brookers Screenwipe which I wish I'd caught more of. Starts in about an hour.

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    I don't know why but Zombies are much more scary when they are kids!
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