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Thread: questions about partitions and harddrives.

  1. Default questions about partitions and harddrives.


    I'm new to this and am about to buy a p.c. for my DV editing.
    I've been reading around the subject until my eyes have started bleeding at the conflicting advice and amount of previously unknown factors.
    Due to minimal knowledge, experience and brain cells, I would like to ask a few basic questions.

    I'm buying an Intel 2.4quad,4Gb Ram,creative sound card and 9400 graphics card. with two 500Gb harddrives. . . That all seems Okay.
    I was all set to buy until I started reading about partitions.

    Q-With two drives, do I put ;
    Ist Drive = OS in one partition + Adobe Premiere in another partition + Other Apps in another partition + Finished Video in another
    2nd Drive = all raw footage.

    Do I even buy 3 drives? (only 50 extra.)
    One for Raw, one for finished and one for applications.

    And what do I do with paging files which I had never heard of until last night?

    These questions may be a bit confused and clearly I don't know what I'm talking about but, thanks to anyone who replies.
    I haven't even asked about whether to RAID or not yet.



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    At the risk of the wrath of the tech brigade, I'd say you've become an unforrtunate victim of too much information. The best advice I can give you is: be organised.

    Yes, people will no doubt have a whole range of advice on how to optimise your drives etc, but just as most of us go to a mechanic to get our cars fixed, I'd say leave all of the techy set up to the geeks (sorry geeks).

    The best way to be efficient (and that's efficient as in easy to control!) is to keep all your videos on one drive in a logical folder structure. Have a decdicated drive for all your raw footage and exports. Keep this seperate from your main system drive. That's all I think you need to know. The rest is, well, techie for the sake of being techie. And yes, someone will reply and tell you that you can save 5seconds on your render if you [insert techie explanation], but I'd rather wait another 5 seconds than spend a lifetime learning why (and probably at the same time destroying a PC).

    To summarise, keep it simple! If you're confused by technical jargon, then you probably don't need to know. When I drive my car, I know I've gotta 'put my foot on the gas'. Sure, I could probably speed up my car, but then I'd probably crash...

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    I agree. Simple and realiable. And then leave it alone as much as possible. All my pc disastera bar one drive faliure has been my fault - often after trying to ' imporove ' things.

    All this talk a a zilliion partitions is news to me. Similar to Marc says the only ' video' thing about my sys is a drive for apps and windows and another few for video. Thats a cool system.

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    Dear Mark and Marc,

    Thank you for replying.; that's just what I wanted to hear.

    I like to keep everything nice and simple.

    I've been editing small clips using Premiere Pro on a seven year old laptop, with only two Gig of memory left and it worked fine.

    When I started reading to find out what type of pc to buy, I guess my brain just got a bit overloaded; it all sounded so essential.

    Anyway thanks once again for snapping me out of it.

    Yours simply,


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