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Thread: Short movie created..

  1. Default Short movie created..

    guyz watch this movie and comment.. correct me wherever u find mistakes..


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    y is no one commenting comon guyz dont be lazy comment on the movie plzz i m waiting for critics..

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    I'm not really too sure where to begin! Really disliked the music, especially at the start. The acting reminded me of some of the Zombie shorts that have popped up over the last few days. The ending was quite obvious as well.

    Everything appeared in real time which could have worked quite nicely with a good soundtrack to build the tension but unfortunately missed on all fronts.

    Sorry for the brutal honesty!
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    we are not lazy, Mr fingercuff sums up all the issues here, and I remember your previous posts have similar issues, there are no short memories here

    you are suffering either tall or short poppy board rejection, up to you to decide which one it is

    often videos here are passd through to the keeper, as trying to hit a six may land you in out, caught by slips, by your lazy comments to other forum users I dare say your already walking back to the dressing room.

    looks like the umpired made a wrong decision, and you have returned to the crease to score your 100

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    I have to agree, the music really bothered me. I see a lot of potential in the film though! Keep it up! The film just seemed frayed and rough like a high school project.

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    Actually 1 positive point I didn't make was the the finished film was better than the trailer you originally posted for it.
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    I don't know how long you have been making films, but I think the biggest problem is a mix between to much stylistic direction and the soundtrack. I hated the fact that you had to go slow mo for the guys footsteps. The film just seems rough and gimmicky and that is after the first 30 seconds alone.

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    I liked a few of the elements in that film. The basic idea of the apparent dream part was intriging, though I felt that when the guy woke up we didn't see any of the space where the chap with the knife was, so is was not clear for a few seconds whether he was actually there or not.

    For various reasons I understand that music choice is fraught with varying views, I didn't think it was as bad as some have said, but it did come across as chopping around a bit it style so some flow, and structure as stated, was missing there.

    What was he drinking? I figure it would have been better served by a clearly recognisable drink, that one looked like Sharwoods stir fry cooking oil! .

    The titles came and went far too quickly, needed a few seconds more there I think.

    But, the biggest thing of all I'd personallly like to see is better camera control. 'Zoom' was used too much, possibly best to not use it at all. Once you zoomed away from the subject, then had to go back in. All of this made me very aware of the camera. If you want to pull back or go closer to a subject try moving the camera itself.

    I thought some of the camera angles could have been more thoughtful. Like when the guy slumps against the wall and was trying to stand the bottle up, perhaps something could have been done to add to the sense of nausia. And before that, when he goes through the glass door, perhaps a shot of the bottom edge of the door and a single foot coming in clumsily to add to the sense of his having poor balance because of the drink? Maybe a steady cam style shot rotating around the subject as he walked through the street? All to add to a sensation of unsteadyness in the subject really.

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    Thank's for ur time which u used to comment on my post i agree wid all of u.. will tryin put in the suggestions and correctionds which u all mentioned in my next film.. actually i m new to this movie making this movie was my second attempt i m still learning abt movie making.. i think u guyz are the only source from where i get tips abt movie making... thanks again...thank u "videoforums".

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    It wasn't great but keep it up. Its all a learning curve at the end of the day!

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