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Thread: Pickled Eggs - Part One

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    Pickled Eggs is an hour long movie which I've just finished making, and which I'm popping onto youtube in six ten-minute chunks.

    It's a comedy following the exploits of two dysfunctional idiots stalking a psychopathic ex-housemate in pursuit of illicit bounty.

    It was made by just 4 of us (acting/directing/editing, the lot) so it's a bit rough and ready in places, but also hopefully a lot of fun.

    YouTube - Pickled Eggs - Part One

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    Quote Originally Posted by pointlessalias View Post
    wPickled Eggs is an hour long movie
    Which you should edit down to a shorter movie.
    When I read the synopsis my immediate reaction was "Oh dear, sixth form humour", but I thought I'd gve it a shot.
    The opening shot was promising - nicely executed opening book & pan & crop.
    Then .. appalling shakey camerawork on the parking restriction sign. This was a fault throughout the film, there were many instances where a tripod or some other method of support clearly could have been used but wasn't. No excuses.
    Next shot. Wide angle lens with noticable vignetting. And unconvincing acting when the character first sees the parking fine.
    Then the shots of the guy driving home and the guy waking up were too many and too long. It takes an audience nere seconds to ascertain someone is driving a car and someone else is asleep and awoken by a phone. Unless you're using the time to develop characters traits or the plot, just show the bare minimum. (The time you took for these scenes might be acceptable if you'd had titles over them - in fact they looked like those sort of shots)
    Nice variety of shots during the phone call (if I ignor ethe wobbly camerawork)
    The cut from "Chris I need to ask a favour" to the next scene is a good example of how you can make the rest of the film snappier - you let the audience work out for themselves the conversation that went on - you didn't need to show that, or them getting into the car etc etc. It was ennough to make me stick with the film for a while longer.
    Then the silliness in the car should have bugged me (very sizth form humour), but I actiually started to like the characters. I didn't like some of the cuts, the shots weren't different enough to make them appear not to be jump cuts. There was some continuity problem with the background as the CD was thrown - it was a populated area when shot in the car but clearly just fields when we saw the external shot.
    The flashback worked well - I liked the styalised way it was done.
    More continuity problems at the psyco's house. The guy with the glasses grow his hair by about an inch after "Chris" leaves teh car.
    The business with Chris and the letterbox, dealing with the psyco at the door and again as he leaves went on far too log. Again the message could be got across in far shorter clips.
    Shows much more promise than I was expecting. Look forward to soe more.
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    Thanks for the feedback - I really appreciate your input. Some really solid, constructive, and specific comments there.

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