I have a lot of old 8mm Cam tapes to digitize and create CD's. I have been using an old Radeon 8500DV Video card with Composite RCA Jack inputs and Outputs. It only has 64mg and I belive it is causing me problems with Pinnacle 10.7 video editing. It cost a few bucks cause it has TV capability that never have used.

Lately, during CAPTURE, I get no video preview (just audio) which is annoying, but my big problem is that I have also noticed that any old tapes with the slightest blips in the playback are causing bad quality flickering when Captured. ( Direct to the TV he tapes play fine do I troubleshoot and think it's my old card).

The question is" Am I the only guy who thinks that it's important to have the RCA Input Jacks with the video card? It seems that others in Forums do not worry about that . The all have video cards without these inputs. They must be using USB. I also notice a lot of complaining about USB capture with Pinnacle. I prefer to use RCA jacks over USB but not sure if this is correct.

What I need to know is, should I buy another newer All in Wonder Radeon or just a good video card like the rest? My primary goal is to digitize the old analog tapes, but I also have a digital camera and will make DVD's from that too.

Please help me understnad which way to go. No one in Best Buys or PC stores is up to speed on this.