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Thread: [Question:] How do you create a red lighting look?

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    Unhappy [Question:] How do you create a red lighting look?


    I've got some footage, and I'd like to make it look like it was lit by a red light, like a light covered in red gel. The image is just a normal colour image, and I'm hoping to make it look something like this:


    (Not my own pic)

    Is there any possible way of making it look like this?
    I've been trying hard, but so far, putting a red overlay on the image is causing the contrast to die down. Increasing contrast of the original image doesn't seem to be helping either.

    UPDATE: In a sense, I'm looking for a way to add a 'black & red' filter to my video.
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    Just tried it out - make track b/w - then use the colour corrector to dial in some red. Dragging only the low wassisname to the red appears to give pleasing results to me.

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    ooh ooh, thanks. I think... I might have just got something working... ooh.

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