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Thread: "File Failed' problem with recording analog video from my Nintendo 64 console

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    Question "File Failed' problem with recording analog video from my Nintendo 64 console

    Ok, I have an Aiptek A-HD+ 1080p SD card/hard drive Hi-Def camcorder. It has an AV in/out port, which I can plug an AV cable into that port, and the yellow, red, and white jacks go into the back of my TV where the outputs r, to record analog video of my video games, so I don't get background noises incorperated into the video, and so I have great quality. U know wat I mean, right?

    Here's the problem: I can record analog from any other thing EXEPT my Nintendo 64 video game console. Now this system is really old; it's about 7 years old (and I'm 16), so Idk if that could be the problem, but I wanna check with u guys to make sure.

    Everytime I try to record analog from any video game on that console, my camcorder records it, but it always stops at 46 seconds into the video, the LCD goes black and says "File Failed" on a big red bar in the middle.

    When I watch the video in playback mode on the camcorder, its quality is perfectly fine, and so is the audio, but the video is going in slow-motion, having the unaffected audio progress way ahead of it. This is really strange. How come I can't record analog for this system, but any other ones work? Why does the video play in slow-motion, yet the audio is fine? Why does it always fail the file at 46 seconds?

    I appreciate any help.
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