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Thread: Canon MD205+premier7+vista?

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    Default Canon MD205+premier7+vista?

    I have a Philips X59 laptop with Vista with 1GB RAM and 1.66GHZ, Intel Core 2 duo processor. I am thinking of buying a Canon MD250 camera and Premier Elements 7.
    I know this is not an ideal set up, but it pretty much matches up to the minumum requirements and I don't mind it being a bit slow. Will my laptop support the programme?
    If not, can anyone recommend a programme I can use to edit video on this laptop? eg. would I be better off getting an older version of Premier Elements?
    I want to be able to do simple edits and I have about 300 to play with all in.
    Thanks in advance,
    Lucy, London, UK

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    To use a mini dv camcorder you will need a firewire port on your computer, it will not work with usb. So you may want to check that before you buy the md250. Premiere Elements should work on it alright but I've always used desktop computers as you need a fast hard disk running at 7,200rpm to capture video. Most laptops unless specifically built for the purpose have 5,400rpm.

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    wow, thanks for that, i would have gone and got a minidv with no firewire port.

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    The mini dv md205, I said 250 above my apologies for that, will have a Firewire port; it is the computer you are intending to buy, it may not have or may not be able to accommodate a Firewire port. Check the spec on the computer to see if it has a Firewire or iLink or DV 1394(they all mean the same thing) port or if one can be fitted easily.

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