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Thread: Help with new Panasonic HDC-HS9

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    Question Help with new Panasonic HDC-HS9

    Hi everyone!
    I just got myself a brand new Panasonic HDC-HS9 camcorder. I'm a noob in terms of shooting movies and using these little toys.
    First, I'd like to know what are my possibilities with this baby and maybe get some pointers to guides to learn how to properly use it. Also, if it's possible to use separate lenses and stuff like that. I know that I'll alos have to buy a light and its support to use a lightsource since the flash integrated to the camera can't be used other than to take photos.
    Actually, I shot some videos from it but the image was really crappy. Lots of noise, black spots all over the image probably due to low light conditions and the Smart Shooting guide wasn't of real help since the image got worse when activating the features it was telling to.
    Still, I've managed to get some really astounding full hd clean crisp shots outside in broad day light! Amazing!
    All in all, I'm sure it's because I don't have a clue how to operate this baby so, I'm asking you guys if you can be of any help?

    Thanks for reading!


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    You can't add additional lenses to it, your stuck with the standard 10 x zoom it comes with. A bit small for my liking but you do get 3 ccd's instead of 1 which is always a positive point. You shoot onto memory card, it has 1920 x 1080 hd picture and optical image stabilisation. Either connect the camcorder up to the computer using USB or pop the card out and put it into the SD or SDHC card reader on your computer.

    I wouldn't rely on any camcorders low light capability, you need more light for dark pokey corners, switch on all the lights in the room, bring in more lights or change to higher wattage light bulbs but don't exceed the recommended level. If you get into shooting in a big way then an external light is what you need The SD-9 as far as I know doesn't have a hot shoe - correct me if I'm wrong, so you can't put a light directly onto the body of the camcorder.

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    Thanks for the info!
    As for the light, I already know that I have to buy an external one and there's one for my camera that I need to buy a stand for it that is fixed where a tripod can be fixed.
    Now, what I'd like to know is how to setup a good lightning setup.
    Like, for instance, if I'm shooting a concert from the crowd, what should I do? Where do I direct the light? Directly on the subject?
    That's what I'm looking for: a guide to learn techniques to shoot using light and whatnot. I've read a bit already and have a better knowledge now about the Iris/Gain and the Shutter speed which should help me and others features on this camera to compensate for low-light so, I should get better results already but I just wanna learn through some sort of guides to make sure I'm not missing anything.
    The main reason is I will probably invest more money in a couple of years on something better and I want to know what I'm doing when I'll get there!
    Why a couple of years? Because Canon have put out a cheap, yet astonishing EOS MarkII reflex that makes very good movie shots under low-light conditions which will get better and will be used in camcorders by then. Also, the chances the technology evolves to have even better features is more than probable to happen!
    Thanks again for the infos and for reading!


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