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Thread: A short film (tear-jerker)

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    Default A short film (tear-jerker)

    Short film based on a true story. Basically, the main character's wife left him a year ago and now he wears a batman mask and lets us record/film him all of the time, thinking these movies will one day help him get her back.

    Part I - The "Bat-tism"
    Part II - The Realization/Acceptance
    Part III - The Song

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    An interesting film which really has potential but mainly succeeds in becoming annoying.

    The titles are really, really annoying, four minutes into a nine minute film and they're still popping up. I don't care who made the film, who produced it or what the company's called, just stop interrupting my concentration with plugs for your bedroom production company. The film itself grabbed my attention but, just as I was getting into it, whoosh, yet another plug for the production company. The protagonist really looks good and plays a believable part, I empathised quickly with his situation but...

    The song really gets old quick. Good idea but it doesn't work, after a couple of minutes I found myself turning the volume down because the annoying vocals were detracting from the images. It sounds "lazy", the singer isn't putting the required emotion into the vocals. It sounds like a half-hearted kareoke effort.

    Then a whole minute of end credits. As a bit of self-promotion it was okay, as a film it fell down flat. A pity as its a very good idea, some interesting visuals and it had the potential to be a moving film, unfortunately let down by excessive titles and a poor song (like we've not heard off-key ballads dozens of times).

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    I can't agree with the Guru that it had any potential whatsoever. Many of us have been heartbroken and become incredibly pathetic so, yes, I can empathise with the situation and how "batman" deals with it.

    However, I certainly do not want to see a film of someone acting like this. It's not funny and it doesn't invoke any sympathy or pity. Any that I might have felt evaporated when I saw the film.

    What wife is going to be impressed or moved by that? She must think she's much better off without him.

    Damage limitation required - pull the video.

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    Hi M2K

    Different sort of blockbuster, a self pitty film, not sure if your on a winner, may send the producer into a similar state here.

    First, well done on doing something a little different and thats where my praise stops.

    If your going black and white, pull more contrast in post to get the blacks black, it all looked washed out, just like the weather.

    Edits in there for no reason other than break up scenes which are too long.

    The title lead in is way too long, then again if this is a 30min video all up it may be fine (I will deal with teh length later), it seems to bite into the story too much.

    The sad clown character could have been a little darker in character, to me he looks like someone who had too much booze at lunch and is trying to walk it off.

    Its way too long winded, make into a 8 min story as its impossable to hold peoples interest for the period of time your video runs for.
    Check out in youtube insight / hotspots to see where people give this vidoeo away, its a very telling feature if your holding the audience.

    Maybe the rain made me bite, hope I have been constructive in my review.

    The Mad Bomber.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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