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Thread: External Mic, suggestions please

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    Default External Mic, suggestions please

    Hi peeps, I hope that I can get some advice on purchasing a mic for my camcorder. I have an old Canon MV20 and to be frank the internal mic is crap (pics up loads of camera and wind noise). I have the external mic adaptor unit but am unable to find a suitable mic for sensible money. The mic will be used for general purpose outdoor work mainly in the countryside. Bird song, trees rustling in the wind, tractors in fields, steam trains etc. Can anyone suggest a stereo mic that I will not have to sell a kidney to afford?

    Regards, Bungie.

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    I would appreciate a suggestion here too. Hard to find the right one for the right price...

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    I assume that you've read the numerous threads on this very subject in this very forum. So which of our suggested microphones would you like to know more about?

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