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    Dear group,

    I am stuck ! I am a Violinist, with some home recording equipment. I want to make a quality wav recording of myself, (which I can do easily) and marry it to a digital camcorder recording, in order to have better audio. The audio will be recorded by SPDIF in to a Microtrack II.

    How do I line the two files up in perfect sync ?.. can Premiere 7 Elements do this ? If the audio starts off in sync but gradually goes out, can I shorten (speed up) the video to make it fit ?

    Thanks for any ideas on how to do this !
    [ame=]YouTube - Violin Shoulder Rests[/ame]
    ps. the above example was done with external mics (AKG414 into A2D) - I want to better this.

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    To give yourself the best chance of staying in sync, make your audio recording 16bit 48khz as this will be the same as the camcorder.

    to sync up, capture your video and import your audio, add the video to the timeline and then right click on it and select 'unlink audio and video' then you should be able to select only the audio and delete it.

    Add your good audio to the timeline and adjust it's position to the video. A good way to do this is to click your fingers just before you start your performance, and this will show in the waveform as a spike, find that exact moment on the video and line the spike up with it.

    This is as it works in Premier pro but I believe I have done it in a similar way in elements, though not in the version you are using

    Also consider recording through your good mic in to the camcorder, most have a rec jack and the quality is good it is only the camcorder mic that is rubbish for this type of thing, not the recording process.
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    A clap normally works better as it is louder

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