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Thread: Newbie here for advice! FS10/100 - HF10/100

  1. Default Newbie here for advice! FS10/100 - HF10/100

    Hi All,

    Yet another post from a prospective buyer! What joy!

    Basically I have been looking at the solid state camcorders from Canon. chiefly the HF10/HF100 High Definition models and the FS10/FS100 standard Definition camcorders.

    Obviously the prices vary greatly between SD and HD format camcorders which is a concern. However the major concern is the support for the AVCHD encoding. I don't expect the supplied software with any camcorders to be anything other than the rock bottom basics in video editing features etc, however being new to the field the concerns and problems expressed by other users of the AVCHD/MPEG4/H.264 format are the major concern.

    I have been looking for H.264 formatted files online and have found a few, which all play perfectly on my machine. However they are of the small variety rather than the actual files that I would be downloading from the camera so its really comparing apples and oranges.

    My machine is this:

    Athlon 64bit 2.6Ghz single core
    2Gb Fast DDR2 RAM
    306Gb SATA RAID level 1 HDD (2 x 160Gb SATA)
    200Gb SATA General Storage
    1Tb eSATA/FW/USB2 External Drive

    And the major relevant component!

    NVIDIA 7600GS 512Mb

    This machine is actually the heart of my digital recording studio (music) and is very much configured/used for chugging around lots of digital data audio data in realtime (hence the SATA RAID). Last night I confirmed that my video card actually supports hardware acceleration for the AVCHD/H.264 video format which is encouraging.

    NVIDIA® GeForce® 7 Ser

    I have read on a few forums that people have had trouble with HD files on machines that have quad cores which may or may not be relevant since they may have been running the machine without a video card that supports this format natively.

    Anyone with any info, points of view or advice on this topic would be really appreciated. Also if anyone has any links to files that are of the same type that these HD camcorders output that would be really helpful.



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    AVCHD is not a good format for editing. It really is slow to edit and is very compressed spoiling quality. Below pro level sd cams are best avoided. The gfx card only helps to play files, it is irrelevant for editing.

    Cameras based on recording to tape are still the

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    Hi Mark,

    A Bristol boy!! Me too ... well until 6 years ago! Great city. Nice Showreel btw.

    I've been reading this forum and going through many threads and trying to get the low down. Until a few days ago I really didn't know much about the whole video thing so its been interesting seeing all the new info.

    I've also noticed that your pretty resolute in your take on things! I had already read your post that you link too.

    Basically, there is no way I'm going to get a tape based system. I'm not looking to go pro or get into serious film editing, topping and tailing and a couple of fades maybe and I'll be done.

    The main drive for getting a cam right now is my 6 month old daughter. For me the simplicity and user friendliness of non tape solutions suits me better for now.

    As for AVCHD seeing that I'm not going to be editing too much, I don't think it will be too much of a problem really, support for these types of things is always slow in coming. I've used Vegas for a lot of mixing when it first hit the streets, what 10 years ago ? Really liked it then and it seems to have come on a lot!

    I did start drooling over a HV30 however ...

    Anyway, thanks ...

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