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    Question suggest me a good program for....

    i've been using a cyberlink power bundle that came with my hdd-camcorder. i want to include subtitles on a few movies here and there. is there a program where i can import a movie or video file or whatever it is i am working with, and an .srt file and have the ability to togle the subs on and off on the tv after its burned? i tried power director 7.0 with power producer 5.0... turned out to be a huge waste of my time. evidently those 2 programs are not compliant, and once they make producer 6.0, it will be compliant with director 7.0 (what is the use? thats the dumbest thing i've ever heard in my life) i would be a happy camper if i could use director 7 with producer 3... but the programs are not backwards compatibile. (again.... cyberlink is evidently ran by monkeys) i've used auto gordian knot... but the subs are burned into the video image. i dont want them burned... because i have decent hearing so theres no point in me having subs.

    furtehr more specific.... i need a program that can allow me to FULLY customize the menues with this. i hate, HATE, menues with crap flying all over teh screen, songs in the background, all that nonsence. id ont even need video thumbnails. i use them, but its not necesary. i would be content with black screen and white typing for the chapter cuts lol. but as i said i dont mind the thumbnails... as long as they are not in motion themselves. ive just been wrangling with programs since 3 o'clock and all i want is a dvd authoring program where i can add captions that can be toggled on standalone dvd players, create chapters and merge and cut individuals movies i import, letterbox format support, and basic basic layouts that arent tacky looking. and i run a PC so i cant do imovie or anything. does this program even exist?

    i apollogize for sounding whizzed off.... i've just been wrestling with these programs for 7 hours now and can not find any solutions =(
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