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Thread: Simple Crop in Vegas!!! help..please?

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    Default Simple Crop in Vegas!!! help..please?

    Hi all

    First post and what a terrible one, I joined a few days back but didn`t expect to be asking anything so nooby!

    Anyway, just trying to edit my first video on Vegas and I can split it into sections using "s" and then pull each section into a new track, ultimately building up a new track with my editing video but this is a slow process.

    Is there no way of simply making two marker positions and deleting/croping out what is between them?? The problem is, I did somehow manage to select two positions and delete the bit in between them but then that left me with a chunk missing rather than pulling the rest of the footage back to butt up with the initial cut point.

    I hope this makes sense and once again, terribly ashamed this was my first question...just I`ve been trying for ages and there is so much on there that it isn`t obvious where the standard features are! I could do it easily in WMM lol!!


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    Answer is Ripple Edit!
    Move your cursor slowly over the buttons along the top so the balloons pop up. Find the one that says Ripple Edit and click it on.
    This will solve your immediate problem.
    Ripple edit on - if you insert an event, events to the right shift right to make space, if you delete an event, events to the right shift left to fill the space.

    When the panic is over, try out the interactive tutorials under help and download and browse the full manual. (I'm not saying read it, just get a feel for what's in it -it's very useful unlike most onlline manuals)

    Bonus info: This is NOT cropping which has an entirely different meaning.

    Welcome aboard and enjoy

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    Craynerd! This was the most infuriating thing I first had to get to grips with within Vegas - actually it was VideoFactory. How do I slide stuff together.

    I now use a combination of Timeline Editing and Trimmer Editing. The Trimmer is a way to trim your events, away from the complexity of the Timeline so you DON'T get the gaps. It is a way to "build" your story line without disturbing the precious work you have on the Timeline.

    Tim is correct, in what he says about using Ripple Edit ON the timeline. It is a very powerful feature. Once you get a hang of it, please do try the Trimmer too. I find it a times less complicated, and I now use a method of scrubbing and grabbing from Trimmer and plonking up to the next section, up there on the timeline.

    And now with the dual Preview Windows one can set up with Trimmer and Timeline I am finding this further Vegas advance, very exciting indeed!


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    I too was facing this problem,thanks a lot for the nice solutions.

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