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Thread: Ulead Video Studio 8.0 Problems

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    Default Ulead Video Studio 8.0 Problems

    This is the first time I have used Ulead 8.0 and I am converting a VHS tape to DVD using a video converter via USB. The video has captured fine but when I come to drag it from the library and ad it onto the time line, I get a message saying:

    The content of these files are unreadable:

    Any suggestions please???


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    A have the same problem... do somebody know what to do to resolve this???????????????????????

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    A few possibilities.
    The capture device you used came with it's own software but you tried to use VS8 to capture = Use the capture software that came with the device.

    The cappture device did not have separate software for capture but was bundled with VS for use in capturing = check all connections carefully, make sure you are capturing to a defragged hard drive. Go into the preferences of VS and turn on the "dropped frame counter", re-capture. The correct number of dropped frames = zero.

    Come back and tell us what happened.

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    I keep trying capturing the video with different settings and I found the answer. I am using EasyCap with the software that came with the devise, Ulead Video SE DVD. To eliminate the error of “unreadable file” when you try to see the video, I change compression setting. Go to Options, then to Video and Audio Capture Property Settings, and in the Capture tab in the Compression setting chance the YUY2 for RGB 24. For me that was the answer to the problem.

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