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Thread: Please help with pixellated tape

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    Question Please help with pixellated tape

    I have a Canon MV630i in which I am using JVC tape. My holiday film is ruined - on both the camera and my apple computer it is playing back 'pixellated' - BUT it played back OK when checking film on holiday, and if you pause the tape the pixellation clears. I have tried replaying on a Sony camcorder, it is still pixellated but in a different pattern! Can anyone offer any insight / cure, or have I lost the record of my holiday?

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    CAn you post some screen grabs of the problem?

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    Maybe its dirty and getting dust on the camcorder heads. Try putting a cleaning tape and try it again.

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    Sorry - don't know how to do screen grabs. I don't think it is the heads as other tapes play ok, and this tape plays like this on other camcorders, but not with a consistent pattern - on mine the 'blocky pixelation' is in parallel vertical lines, on a Sony it is in horizontal lines, also, why does it clear when the film is paused? Very confused.

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