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Thread: Transitions!! dont work!!

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    Default Transitions!! dont work!!

    Hey i looked for this on the forum but i can't find it, I use sony vegas pro 8 and have some problems with the transitions, i know how to make them but somehow with vegas 8 they don't show in my preview box. I worked with sony vegas 6 before and i had no problems there, but now instead of slowly fade the movie stops en continuese after the overlap. Plz help

    srry for my english please ignore it,

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    Is the box on the TOOLBAR Icons that looks like a Bishops hat, switched on?
    Should also be in the properties section of V8

    when you crossfade you should see a X appear in the section that is faded

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    i am starting to think my computer is just slow... because sometimes it does fade but not at normal speed,

    it is realy weard cause i have made movies with vegas 8 before and it didn't have that problem, i also installed vegas 6 and it did everything right,...

    but thanks for the reaction

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    Fades take loads of power to render - hence in preview thay rarely look any good - they usually stutter and are often just skipped - it will be fine when rendered.

    To ease the problem dont use good or best and use a smaller preview window. Ram preview is also usefull.

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    highlight the xfade and prerender that should show it working (SHIFT+B)

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