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    Entrance to the current competition will close on 15th October. You will be sent an email shortly after this date. This will contain important information on how to submit your video.

    You will recieve a username and password for FTP access to the site. It is likely that this will be limited to 25MB. If you need more space, please email me the following details of your video: codec, bitrate, length, framesize. I will then allocate more space as necessary.

    You are welcome to use any codec you wish to encode your video. I can encode your video for you if you send me a DVD/CD with your file in DV format.

    You will have until the 15th November to submit your video to the FTP site I provide. Any video not submitted to the servers before this date will not qualify. Postal entrants must bear a postmark dated before 15th November.

    Happy editing

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    2 days left to register...

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    Hang on, I've just realised something....

    As long as I *register* before friday, I still don't actually have to submit my video until Nov 15th?

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    Entrance is now closed

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