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  1. Default A fine read??

    I'm guessing that this subject must be covered on this forum somewhere but despite using the search function, I can't find it !!

    Anyway, my question is this - can anyone recommend the best tutorial text for Sony Vegas Pro 8? I see on Amazon that there is a DV Expert Series editing workshop title priced at 27.54 but can anyone recommend this or any other text for a newcomer to learn the fine art and ins and outs of Vegas?

    Many thanks for your time

    Matt (Goldfinger)

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    Vegas Editing Workshop by Douglas Spotted Eagle. Well respected.

    It was not an easy introduction (partly due to some imperfect editing which may well have been ironed out by now) but then again I'd done the tutorials and so had a smattering of knowledge (as, I suspect you do).

    I've read it three times and there's still much to learn from it.

    I'd highly recommend it.

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    You tube has some tutorials do a search there, damm add on programs works like nothing else in Vegas, they must have been on drugs.....

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    Thanks for the endorsement Tim - funnily enough the book you mention is the same as the one I mentioned (I just called it a diifferent thing) so I've ordered it from a certain online retailer and hopefully should be here before end of the week!

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    I printed the manual that came with vegas _ i found that a practice (lots) did me well.

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