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    hi, i'm new here and am really taking an active interest in video editing, i've always loved messing about with film, I recently found a camera in mint condition in the attic, it's in the hard case with all accesories.

    it's a Sharp vl-c750, it seems pretty old but with loads of features on it. is it worth keeping and using or just purchasing another camera.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    That camera records to vhs-c. A modern DV camera will outperform this camera in most ways, even a budget model.

    Capturing video from the sharp for editing will b a pain too - it is an analoue camrea so you will need a capture card too. With a DV camera you just tansfer with firewire with no quality loss.

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    thanks for the advice. appreciate the speedy reply.

    It's a shame as it is in great nick. What do you think i should do with it, put it back in the attic or whack it on ebay. There's no point me using it is there.

    What would you recommend for me to purchase as a beginners camera. I have some knowledge of film making, more towards the editing side though.

    and which is editing software would you recommend?

    Sorry to bullet questions at you!!!


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