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Thread: successfull green screen, and very cheap!but.......

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    Default successfull green screen, and very cheap!but.......

    Hi Guys,

    Just assembled a green screen, 2.4m x 1.50m at a cost of....40.99. The green cotton cloth (bit darker than chroma green as im using site lamp halogens) cost just 6.99, 2 x 500w double head site lamps on tripods for 14.00each, 1 floor mounted halogen at 6.00. Bulldogs clips i already had, a curtain pole i already had and... hey presto! the green screen keys out perfectly.

    I am bouncing the light of a pure white ceiling to diffuse it, otherwise it is just too bright, and the lamp in front im also bouncing off the ceiling as it would blind you after just 1 min, and bake you

    The only slight problem i am having is on my shoulders and very top of my head there is a slight burring, best way to describe it is the rest of me looks fine but the head and shoulders look pixilated very slightly. I am wondering if the halogens in the room need diffusing further??? i know you have to be extremely careful when attemting to diffuse these simply because of the heat.

    Any one else had the same probs with lighting??? slight burring round certain edges???. before i chroma key in the outline the burring is not visible, only after applying the chroma key does it happen, i have almost got rid of it by tinkering with diff settings, but id rather have a good clear pic from the off.

    Apart from that small prob ithas turned out amazingly well, the lighting has made all the difference to the overall quality.

    A little tip..........go to your nearest store that sells soft furnishings, get a sample of as many greens as they have in cotton, nothing else it needs to be a matt finish, take them home, iron them out and hang them all on a bit of 2x1 and shoot it, then test it with chroma key.

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    I think what you are referring to is some of the green colour is falling back onto the shoulders and head of the talent standing in front of the green screen. It's called spill or colour spill, you should notice a difference if you can take a few steps forward, that's why we recommend anyone using green or blue screen get a much bigger cloth than you actually need. Other than that you can use another light, I think it's called a backlight, if I remember correctly. Do a search on google about it as it will be able to explain it better than I can. Don't worry as it happens on tv aswell from time to time so you are in good company.

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    Hi NH - More diffusion. One light on the backdrop and one, very diffused on the talent. Keep the talent a few metres away from the backdrop too. This is where you're getting the light spill.

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