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Thread: New user Med Studio 9 needs help

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    Default New user Med Studio 9 needs help

    I am attempting to use a video distribution service. I was told they did not accept Youtube videos, and that the videos had to be on my hard drive. No problem there. Before uploading to this service I wanted to do the following. Start the video with a black screen with a title or intro. I seemed to figure this out. Then I wanted to put my url on the screen throughout my videos. I think I got this. And then, I wanted to end with a black screen with direction on what to do next. It seems like I got this ok. However, I don't know how to finish this off and have a completed movie which I then can send to the service. It accepts flv and mpeg4 ( I believe those are the file extensions accepted). I know this is probably a very simple question, but for some reason I can't seem to navigate the program that easily. Thanks for any direct recommendations that will make this easy. I have quite a number of videos to do this. (one more thought...If I wanted to do the same thing to a whole bunch of videos can I somehow make a template, or does that change bec each video has different lengths etc. thanks . Your help is very much appreciated.

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