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Thread: how to make a sports timer

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    Hello fellow editors

    I have to edit a football(soccer) game material and I want to put a clock/timer that shows the time. Can some one help me please? Using Adobe Pr, Ae... Ps if I have to also.

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    I am sure premier has an add timecode function.

    I guess you want t a count own to zero.

    Render a clip that is just the timer and then reverse it and add to the match - thats how i did it once in vegas.

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    it has to count from zero to 70.
    i just found a tutorial. it's a bit time taking, making all the digits in photoshop and but i'll do it. if it doesn't work i'll ask again. thanks btw

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    I used 'Xnote Stopwatch', a shareware download, and 'Auto Screen Recorder' to capture it as an avi, then imported into the editor, resized etc, to get this:

    YouTube - Umarex CO2 pistol speed challenge

    There are many settings in the timer, so I'm sure it will give you what you need.


    There doesn't seem to be a 'count up to...' setting, but you can count down, so set it to 70, record it, then reverse in post.

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    finally i did it with photoshop. every digit for it self and that way i chose the font and colors ect. it's pretty good

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    Cool, glad you're sorted, show us the results when it's done.

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    here it is. not the best but it works.
    in the upper right corner is the clock. in the right are the seconds, next are the minutes and then the "2" shows witch half time it is.
    in the left corner is the rezult.

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    You said you had AE right? After Effects has a text animation preset called 'counter' (or similar). Style your text any way you like and throw that preset at it. Easy. Although you might need to change direction and timing.... exercise for the reader

    or, and probably the easiest option, drop a black video on yoru Premeire timeline and then add the timcode effect on top of it.

    Quick edit: Mark already mentioned my second idea. Sorry Mark!

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