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Thread: Title effect like 'The Wonder Years'

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    Default Title effect like 'The Wonder Years'

    Hi there,

    I'm doing a short project in Vegas Pro 8, the majority of which i want to look like a 60's home movie feel, similar to the Wonder Years opening credits ( )

    I can do the colouring and flicker/jitter stuff, but i was thinking about how to do the framing? I can shrink the footage and put a blurred border, but i think i want something a bit more effective. The blurring doesn't give that hardish edge that the projector look would do. I also considered some sort of ragged edge around instead of the border, to give a raggedy video feel.

    Any thoughts on how to approach or achieve this?


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    How about you create the mask using Bezier masks in Pand & Crop. That gives you the option of feathering inside, outside or both. Feathering inside should give you the hardish edge you describe.

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    Yea or, I would place a track above the clip and use Inesrt>generated media>colour gradient, and set up some borders.

    Make the compositing mode 'mask' on that track.

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    also drop the frame rate to 12.5, to give the flicker look

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    thanks for the suggestions guys, i'll give it a go!


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