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Thread: life without dreams. easier or ...?

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    Question life without dreams. easier or ...?

    o k... let's sit and read... and focus!

    now we travel to Europe... to Poland, to small but little popular city there SOPOT.
    city (about 40 000popolation), is situated next to Baltyc, cold sea . with two other cities it makes 3-city.
    It is city of partys and partys and... hm partys. Polish wodka, shows in summer, clubs...
    Nobody wnats to learn, just freedom. ANd what young people do with this freedom?
    Nothing! Small children .. their life in SOpot is so simply... they start partys in young age... they have no passions, no dreams for future. Boys generally are fans of football nad they wanna KILL other, different funs form other cityes.

    ANd girls? Girls are becomed so hm ... how to say it... "OPEN", they are easy for boys.. they think only about; how they look, they show their body a lot, going partys and never learn!
    SO that teenegers in young age... mostly makes babies.. yeye i know so many young girls, they are 13, 14, 15 and they have BABIES!
    why? because they, think they love their boyfriends so much.. and after one party.... they life will change so much! they dont care about condons etc...
    Boys in poland... need so much sex.. so they just do it, and dont care about future.
    Whats next in that interesting life?
    young girls finish school, and look at theirs babys... and live with boys.
    Boys work in fisical works... drink a lot of vodka... all tehir life.

    and thats simply life of polish man and woman...

    I think its so sad... i cant say u .. i cant show u that feelings.. but its sad.
    they arent glad at life! they just life... they dont see other way... how to change it.

    they just...exist... girsl just want look like paris hilton... and watch soap-oheras all the time... and thats their all life...
    its easy... but ? ? ?

    I wanna help that people! because i know that dreams come true
    i wanna make movie in Poland, to school society...

    what do u think? I need people to that project...

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    Hmm, interesting to read.

    So, my understanding is that you want to show these kids that there is an alternative to the way they are?

    In order for us to understand how a movie to show people that would work, what are the alternatives?

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    Question My ideas for that movie...

    Firsty i want start... that in Poland it is a Problem with about 70% population I think... I have lived there for 16 years, and I changed there my home about 10 times... so I know so many people form many cities, unfortunately their minds are similar eveywhere.

    But, I have talked with people form many countries and they told me that, there are similar situations ( f.ex: Bialerus, Lithuana, SLovenia, Russia or even Denmark - where I live now, and even France or US...)

    PEOPLE have no dreams! NO PASSIONS!
    Do u know music video of US singer PINK "stupid girls" - she shows 2 sides: tevelivions or sports... people choose tv (sadly)

    SO it is problem, mosly because of parents, they dont motivate children, they dont care, they just want JOB for them and good wife/husband...
    So it is no so easy to change it... in that plaves parents never say: I LOVE U! never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my grandparents... parents of my friends form that places, never...
    their life is tv, disasters... and they always gripe at theur life . but they will not want change it!

    BUT -CHILDREEN! they are our future! they will be next bosses, managers, next pepulation on our WORLD! ...


    are the best way, everybody watches tv...! radio. magazines...
    so fisrt: I wanna make fabular movie, about two different people, man with passions and man with "empty" life... WE MUST SHOW them that life is beautiful! we have to our dreams come true!

    it must be sensitive MOVIE, sad.. with emotions and so reall

    SCHOOLs and cities: they should provide, shows people many alternatives how to spend free time: Sports, Dance, Games, quizes, clubs - math, camps, sqauts... etc.

    and the best way... is to make campaign, in coutries;
    make DOCUMENTAL movie about that kids, shows it in schools and shows taht our world is beautiful!

    she was boorn in village, very poor place... her parents have never said to her I LOVE U!
    She was nobody there, she could not has learnt... but she wanted.
    But she was strong, she left her home in young age and now we live in DENMARK- where is freedom... we are alive! She made her dreams come true!

    I have too many alternatives... to many idea.. so so much... and many ways..

    what do u think?

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    I am interested in this, because I know what you are saying is true.

    My wife has a Russian friend, and I work with Polish people, professionals who are trained and have good lives, but they talk about the social problems in their countries exactly as you describe. The girls spend all of their time making themsleves look like super models to try and find husbands, that's all they care about, and the men drink, too much, all the time, and they have bad attitude towards the way they treat their partners, no love, just 'use' and throw away, or have many partners because they know they can. There is no pride, no joy, but it's not like they have no ways to improve, Poland has good traditions of skills and ability, but it is not being used.

    As these generations are growing up their countries are not progressing, it's a big problem, very big problem.

    I'd like to help you with this, but I am not sure how I can assist. I have to go out now for some video shooting with friends, I will think about this and add more later.

    It's good that you do this.

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    Default We can do it!

    OK! im so happy...

    I WANT SHOW IT MORE PEOPLE! maybe u know any ohter forums... any places! ?

    I think in big cities is that u said... but in villages, smalll cities... is nothing! grass and trees.. ofc! people can use it to enjoy their life... that freedom..
    but they better watch TV! and MTV!

    I NEED SHOW IT ! in many places... where?

    i have so many thing in my memory... its SAD!
    I am all in emotions.. excited!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! for answer!

    now we need moore people.

    just CARPE DIEM!

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    Chill out dude - shock horror - young people like to party and have sex - quite right too.

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    yeee... so young... what then?
    ... what when.. we are 30, 40, 50...

    ok! carpe diem! we can try everything... ofc we can do it all the time!
    but people, do only THAT tthings. ONLY... so...
    thats nice life?

    but where u live?
    have u ever been in Romania, in Russia, in Poland... or in Kenya... where people have never seen computer...
    are they happy..?
    and are u glad.. at your life?
    ;D;D;D ofc... everybody has other way.. other aim.. but please just answer me.

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    Mark people in these countries have a lot of catching up to do. People I know who go to service machinery there report scenarios where company bosses are like gods, and the employees treated like dogs, no respect, and no laws to support the workers. It would be like us going back to Victorian Workhouses, within eyesight of factories you'll find farmers bringing in harvests with horse and carts, so there's this crazy mix of technology and archaism.

    Since they joined the EU Poland is now losing it's skills to countries like us, now the fact that we are not controlling this well enough is another subject, but now it's at a point where the loss of skills is undermining the very fabric of the country, add this problem with the volume of these escapist activites in the youth the country is likely to fall into steep decline, and Europe will be dragged down with it, so like it or not we have an interest in helping them to help themselves.

    Just my view I guess, I'm a partisan type who has a dislike of many aspects of the EU and what it's doing to British identity, but if our neighbours don't sort this kind of thing out, we'll all suffer.

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    I still dont get it - all the polish in my street seem happy enough and most speak highly of thier own country - except for the crap wages.

    Poland - well I suppose you do have to have some sympathy for the country - someone is always screwing with that country...

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    Ofcourse! People on your street are happy! because they DID something! they changed their lifes! they probably had dreams! and now they are happy, they earn money... live somewhere where is hm... more-freedom...
    ur comments shows taht I am right: people who have dreams, who chage their life, they are brave, open - changed countries - are happy...

    but the rest of polish people... are not! SO many people, families, they life in polish houses from ages! they are bored... without ideas for future...

    but u are true that: we see generally Bad sides, of people... we should show the best!

    but I need make that movie!
    I changed my country! because I couldn't have lived there ... it was sad...
    but ofcourse polish people in POLANd they think that they are the best! without that problem.. !!!

    Ofcourse I love poland.. but look how many sciencist, engineers, lawyer, popular people are from FRANCE, US, Sweden, Germany ... and how from Romania, Lithuana, Poland ?

    polisha re good at math... yee ! its an asset! but they dont invest in it... they do nothing...

    hm.. its hard to explain.. and shows my real feelings...

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