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Thread: Sony HDR-SR11 & Vegas Pro

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    Cool Sony HDR-SR11 & Vegas Pro

    Hi everyone,

    I finally migrated from the low cost, average quality, home video to the Big end of Town (or is it really..??).

    Yes, jumped in for the SR11 with the 60 gig HD, Hi Def, & also got myself the Vegas Pro.

    It appears from the several reviews on here as well as zillion of other websites that those 2 are a reasonably good package.

    I had a few questions and thought it might be easier if I stuck them into the same thread as they are kinda related.....

    (1) Are there any rules on working with Hard Disk based cameras..?? When the size of the video was limited to a 2 GB SD Card, it was OK. But now, jumping on to a 60 GB camera....what do you guys do.. copy it all on to a PC, leave them on the Camera, export them to the PC, edit & make a movie & then copy it back on to the camera...??

    (2) The SR1 boasts of a host of fancy features.. face redognition, image scan.. etc. etc... is there any sort of integration between that & the vegas software...? Can I scan for particular faces on the Vegas software.. using the logic of the SR-11...

    (3) Is there a place where I can get to see some projects.. u know.. this is what the original video footage was.. and this is how we applied the changes.. and this is the final outcome....

    Thats it for a start....

    Im sure there will be more to come...

    Over n Out for now...


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    Befor you edit your video copy it to a project folder. You often can edit the files from the camera but it is likely that the editor will be unresponsive and clunky.

    I only copy films back to tape (camera) if I want to a very high quality copy to share. I save my complete projects ( and all raw video and other project files) on 2 drives so nothnig ever gets lost tyhrough disc failures.

    Special features? Twaddle more like - and no they will in no way connect with vegas. None of that malarky has any releavence for film making. My best cam doesnt even autofcus.

    Try here for lots of advice and stuff, and probably project files to play with.
    VASST : Learn it FASST!

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