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Thread: Exporting Video problem - clips not showing.

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    Default Exporting Video problem - clips not showing.

    Hi guys....

    Right im having a problem exporting a quick vid. ive made.
    Basically i have some clips from a camera in AVI format, and also some bitmap images,

    When i export, the bitmaps and sound work fine, but i have a problem with the clips from the camera.
    In the preview screen these clips display a small cross in the corner.

    Im using premiere 6, and i dont mins what i export as, something like WMA is best, and i have found a way around this in the past, i just cant remember how i did it..


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    Default 'X' in corner of preview screen

    The 'X' means there's an overlay -- a title or other clip in a higher layer -- it appears when you press alt + scrub the timeline. It doesn't appear when the sequence is rendered. Is this what you're getting at?

    WMV is one of the options in Prem 6.5, but I dont't think v.6 has an encoder.

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    Ive tryed to export it as many formats.

    But each time where the clip is - i just get a black screen or fuzz.

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