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Thread: What camera???

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    D7000 has an extenal mic jack, just no headphone jack for monitoring.

    Personally never had any problem with 1080/60p recordings in post. I use Sony Vegas Platinum 9.

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    I think the sony alpha nex5 is you best bet. The brand new Sony Alpha NEX-5 delivers the image quality of a big SLR camera, but it handy as a compact. A great combination for advanced photographers looking for a strong photo-lightweight. It has very good image quality and very good in the hand
    In this camera you can shoot at 2.5 frames per second. The pace increases to seven images per second, when you give up focus and exposure tracking.
    I have been looking for a camera that brings especially good for wide angle results. As an experienced photographer, I've noticed the following:
    are very well done:
    -) Settings for taking pictures
    -) Faster shutter
    -) Super monitor, especially for manual focus
    -) Good lenses
    -) Good quality film
    -) Very good colors, a brilliant chip
    -) Is small, handy, ingenious
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    I love this forum, there is so much useful information here.

    Sales staff are not usually the best to take advice from, users really know what they are talking about and that goes for anything not just cameras.

    Thanks for posting this.

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    Hi fellas, camera shopping is battering my head in. Is the Sony HDR-AX2000E the best camera get for 2500-3000? It seems pretty good to me but I was told I should look at panasonic P2 instead? I have been using an XL1 and an XM2 to shoot everything from weddings, nightclubs and conferences to promo videos and music videos so I need something quite verstaile, I would also like to move away from tape and I don't want anything too small. Any advice is greatly appreciated

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    oh well, was worth a shot.

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    some of the OP points are still relevant today but anyone considering buying a camcorder should consider technology and choice has moved on quite a bit since this thread was originally started.

    unfortunately, (in certain cases) that technology hasnt moved on in tandem. though things are slowly catching up we still have computers and editing programs that struggle to cope with the RAW file data produced by the latest cameras with ever increasing resolution and frame rates.

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    Has anyone had any experoence of the Sony HDR-AX2000E then?

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    Have you had a look at this year's range of Sony's HD camcorders in general? They really are fantastic bits of kit, very easy to use as well.

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    if you need to hire a sony z1, visit us at

    our hire rates are competitive, service fast and reliable. lines are open 24hrs.

    quote "forum post" for 10% discount.

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    Hi, everyone. This is my first visit here and I came on to try and get some info and advice on a suitable starter pro or semi pro camcorder. It would be used mainly for outdoor nature and wildlife shoots and some indoor stuff so I suppose picture quality will count more than sound quality. Unfortunately this is part of my bucket list so obviously I don't want to pay the earth. I've looked on Ebay and specialist sites but the prices are... well. One camcorder that seems to crop up a lot is the Panasonic HDC-MDH1 Pro PAL camcorder. Pricewise it's within my budget, new ones varying between 750 and 950. Is this product any good, specifically for wildlife shots, or does the price reflect it's performance? I would welcome any suggestions or pointers. Don't mind a used camera. Reading through the site there seems to be lots of helpful people here and I hope someone can help. Thank you for reading this. PS. Hope I'm in the right section.

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