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    i rotoscoped this according to the tutorial on creative cow but when i to drag my masked part of the movie onto the still it doesnt work and the masked part is huge compared to the image. here it is tell me how i can fix this

    thats a link to the video and whats wrong with it. the person that is skating is way to large what am i doing wrong

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    Seems like either the image or the film needs to be adjusted for zoom to me. I'm guessing your film layer is on top, if so temporarily adjust the opacity to 50%, so that you can see both, and use the motion controls to match up the sizes, use the grind rail as a reference. Once lined up put the opacity back to 100%.

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    Do you want to leave such a big gap around the talent or do you want the mask tight around his outline? If you want it tight around the talent you need to click and drag the control points so they follow the outline of the talents body.

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    i have this figured out now.. i just had to take a still from after effects not from another software. thanks for the help

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