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    I am a composer who has scored several feature films, TV adverts, documentaries and other visual media projects. I write music in a range of styles from atmospheric ambient soundscapes to contemporary orchestral and electronica.

    I've just added the first in a series of music album downloads specifically composed for film and documentary makers to my website. It's a royalty-free collection meaning that buying the collection grants the user a license to use the music with no further worries about license fees or further payments.

    The music is a collection of dark piano and atmospheric background beds that would work well in serious documentaries, horror, drama, thrillers etc. The collection of 15 tracks is 45 minutes long and is available for a limited time for just 24.95 (approx. 43$ USD) which is the only amount you need to pay in order to use this music in any of your productions, whether for commercial, non-commercial, broadcast, non-broadcast, festivals etc.

    You can find out more or hear clips here:

    The majority of the rest of my music is also available to license for your film depending on the usage. See rates here:

    If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

    Simon Wilkinson
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    Just to let you know, the price of this royalty-free download album is now 19.99. Once purchased, you can use the 45 minutes of music in as many of your film/documentary projects as you wish:

    Film TV & documentary music composer Simon Wilkinson: dramatic and atmospheric music soundtracks for film & TV

    Any questions, feel free to get in touch.


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    To update, my music shop has now been completely redesigned and is fully searchable on music style/keywords, all with fast preview clips and artwork. I've also added some new Royalty Free collections and more music. Music and licenses can now be purchased instantly using Paypal at very competitive rates, especially for student filmmakers. Also, members who sign up to my newsletter will receive special discounts and offers.

    The new shop is at:

    Any questions, feel free to ask,


    Simon Wilkinson
    Composer for film, TV & documentary
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    One more update, I'm currently offering a 30% discount when you buy all of my royalty free music collections:

    30% Discount On Complete Royalty Free Music Collections | Thebluemask Soundtrack Composer

    Feel free to get in touch with any questions or if you need music for your productions.

    Many thanks

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    New 15% discount on all music, royalty-free collections and licenses until July 14th 2010 - use the following code at checkout:


    Royalty free music, atmospheric dramatic film TV documentary trailer & piano music at
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